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  Billion M600-PT, M500, M120N-LTE Industrial/vehicle wireless hotspot router, can provide a stable LTE connection in the vehicle mobile environment and reliably transmit GPS location information, engine status, fuel volume, temperature, tire pressure, vehicle internal and external surveillance images and other information to the central control system. But also to provide Wi-Fi Hotspot services to meet the passengers in the car Wi-Fi internet coverage.  
Smart Bus Application Public Safety Application

 Billion’s LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router
M600-PT M500 M120N

High Availability and Network Resilience
The Billion M600-PT, M500, and M120N series all provide a powerful network resilience mechanism. If the vehicle enters the signal dead zone, it can resume the network immediately after returning to the signal coverage zone. Both the M600-PT and M120N feature a dual SIM card design that maximizes the vehicle's network connectivity. The M500 offers dual LTE interfaces that automatically switch between two LTE connections for optimal networking quality or multiply network bandwidth to provide richer network services with large bandwidth.
Wi-Fi Hotspot Functionality   Real-Time Information Tracking
  The M600-PT, M500, and M120N series all provide Wi-Fi hotspot services. In addition to providing passengers with wireless Internet access, they can also provide value-added services such as advertisement push and e-coupon delivery via the cloud server. The M600-PT has 4x4 11ac and 3x3 11n Wi-Fi interfaces for bandwidths up to 2300Mbps, and the M500 and M120N also offer 2x2 11n 300Mbps datarate wireless services. The M600-PT, M500, and M120N can support up to 64 wireless users simultaneously.   The diagnostic system can support the vehicle information, GPS information and IP cam stream via the stable networking capability of M600-PT, M500, and M120N to driving Controls line staff for reviewing the status of each vehicle and fleet within the full dynamic control center.  
Flexible ignition sensing   Data encryption secure channel
  The engine ignition sensing supports a user-programmable delay time, which can be used to shut down the system a default thirty seconds after the engine is turned off, or a pre-setting delay time after the engine is turned off. It allows passengers to use Wi-Fi service after the vehicle’s engine is turned off, or when the vehicle returns to the bus maintenance plant, it can continuously transfer the vehicle data after the engine is shut down.   The M600-PT, M500, and M120N series provide multiple VPNs, including IPSec, OpenVPN, GRE, PPTP, and L2TP. They can establish a secure channel for data encryption with the control center to ensure the security and concealment of all data.  
Compact Design   Product Certification
  Billion's M600-PT, M500, and M120N series routers are designed for industrial/vehicle applications and can operate in the temperature -40°C to 60°C. They accept input power voltage from 10V to 56V and are suitable for a wide range of installation environments. Rugged housing and industrial-grade components, anti-shock and Anti-vibration protection dramatically increases the life span of the unit and drops failure.   Billion's LTE routers support a wide range of applications, including vehicles and industrial areas. Some of M-series have been certified by E-Mark (ECE R10, ECE R118), MIL-STD-810G, UL C1D2, etc., to provide reliable and secure networking capabilities in special environments, ensuring public safety operations and mission-critical services.  
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