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We cordially invite you to the biggest Solar PV event in Taiwan – PV Taiwan from Oct 18th ~20th. We will showcase the professional PV string monitoring system – Billion Watts Pixel View and SolarEdge optimized inverter and monitoring solution, the most cutting-edge solar monitoring technologies cater to all PV applications ranging from residential to large commercial and utility scale. Meanwhile, the General Manager- SolarEdge China & South East Asia, James Higgins will come to the event and give a speech at the “ PV Solar System and Smart Technologies Integration” seminar. Don’t miss the great opportunity!


Billion Watts – Professional PV string monitoring system

We provide Pixel View, a data-driven, Web-based PV solar monitoring system with real-time data tracking capability that can optimize solar PV management strategy and massively boost your IRR through detailed string monitoring. Collaborating with DC 2/4/8/10/12/16 String Meters, AC Smart Meters, and Smart IoT Gateway, Pixel View can identify the location of the underperforming solar strings and deliver automatic alert for failure detection. Enabling remote solar plant monitoring and data tracking report generation, Pixel View transforms the PV O&M from a manual, complicated procedure into a simple, scalable and effortless enjoyment to ensure the best solar yield at all time.

SolarEdge – Exceptional Solar Module Monitoring and Power Optimizing Solution

Consisting of inverters, power optimizers, storage solutions, and a cloud-based monitoring platform, SolarEdge offers superior power harvesting and module management through module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), optimal roof utilization with constraint-free design, and enhanced maintenance and accurate troubleshooting. Suitable for various site plants, SolarEdge’s intelligent inverter and power optimizer associated with environmental sensors and communication gateway can form more energy production, lower BoS and O&M cost, longer warranty, alerts of underperformed modules and enhanced safety solution with automatic DC shutdown to generate a maximal capacity of your PV investment!


Billion Watts & SolarEdge at PV Taiwan
Time: October 8th~20th, 2017
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan
Booth Number: I0018

PV Solar System and Smart Technologies Integration seminar
Time: October 19th, 2017. 10:AM~11AM
Location: Conference room 504A, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center


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