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Billion xDSL 3G/4G LTE VPN routers series, 7800NZ, 7820NZ, and 8920NZ, are embedded with xDSL and 3G/4G LTE interfaces, providing outstanding failback and failover functionality to avoid disaster of connection lost.

When the wired connection goes offline, Billion xDSL LTE VPN router series will back up the Internet connectivity immediately by switching to 3G/4G WAN interface to ensure the connection is always online. An automatic failback/failover email notification will be sent while the disconnection alarm is triggered.

Meanwhile, Billion xDSL LTE VPN router series can also support multiple VPN protocols including IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, GRE, and OPEN VPN, allowing users to establish up to 16 VPN tunnels simultaneously between multiple retail stores and the head office to offer excellent data encryption and safe data transmission.

By utilizing Billion xVDSL LTE VPN routers, retail store owners can enjoy the best transaction experience without having to worry about internet inconsistency. Billion failback/failover solution provides a reliable and critical data transmission backbone, helping you strengthen commercial business competitiveness and chain store operation management to unlock revenue generating potential!

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